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New on the market, the savior of thinning hair, available in two colors:black and brown, you deserve to become more beautiful.

This product has the following benefits as below:

Features:Fine powder, light and soft, easy to cover the hairline.

Soft sponge head, comfortable and effortless to use

Hairline powder for hairline concealer, compact and lightweight, easy to carry and use.

Multi-functional, can decorate hairline, trim facial contours, outline beautiful eyebrows

Decorate large forehead, thinning hairline, fill in the hair gap on the top of the head.

Waterproof and sweat-proof, not easy to take off makeup, and naturally blend with hair color.

How to use: When hair is dry, gently dip the hairline powder into a small amount and apply it gently until it blends naturally with the hair color.

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